We're not a Spanish School.
We're Guatemala Spanish class teachers recommended by
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Why choose our Spanish classes?

this is Spanish immersion - best way to learn Spanish... and it's all about permaculture / sustainability

Maya Beach Community

You’ll be living among the Maya Itza – most awesome Maya of all of Central America. The Maya Itza deterred the invading Spanish for 150+ years – the last Maya to be conquered by the Spanish. So long as you’re not a Conquistador, you’ll love it here. The original home of the Maya Itza, Motul, is just up the road and loaded with Maya pyramids, Maya stella, motmots, howler monkey and plenty of rainforest.

Spanish Language Immersion

Everyone in our small Maya beach community speaks Spanish. The villagers are happy to help you with your Spanish. We are all very kind, loving and family oriented people. You will be immersed with a homestay with a local Spanish speaking family – no hotels, dorms or hostel. You will eat, sleep, dream and breath Spanish – there’s no better way to learn Spanish.

Experienced Spanish Teachers

We are an association of teachers with boatloads of experience teaching Spanish classes. We are teachers who found our calling in the oldest and most experienced Spanish language school of Peten Guatemala, Eco Escuela Espanol in San Andres Peten Guatemala. We’ve been teaching Spanish to travelers from all over the world for more than 15 years. We love what we do and we look forward to helping you learn Spanish.

Very Affordable Pricing

You will work direct with us, your Spanish Teachers. No middle-men. No bullshit. Just great Spanish language instruction, in a great Maya beach community from dedicated and experienced Spanish language professionals. 35Q per hour for 1on1 Spanish classes, 35Q per night for your spot to sleep and 20Q per meal with your homestay family – or, buy and cook your own meals in your homestay family’s kitchen.

We're NOT a Spanish School

we're your best choice for affordable Spanish classes taught by seasoned Guatemalan Spanish Class Teachers
Learn Spanish 1on1 with the most experienced Spanish class teachers in Peten

Can't swing a dead-cat without hitting a "Spanish school" in Guatemala. We're a bit different: teachers are paid direct. There are no managers and no salespeople at Eco Spanish Classes. In fact, Eco Spanish Classes cannot 'legally' call itself a Spanish School. We'd need ~15,000Q to complete the new government requirements to be able to legally call our organization a "Spanish School". Why? A new law was passed a couple years ago that put many poor Spanish teachers and poor Spanish Schools out of business - they simply could not afford to meet the new, stricter requirements. What we offer are Spanish classes from highly experienced Spanish class teachers, some with 15+ years of experience and very positively reviewed by The New York Times. We know what we're doing - take a look at some of our Spanish class testimonials. No matter what level of Spanish you speak, we're happy to help you work on your Spanish, even if you speak no Spanish at all, and get you speaking Spanish in no time at all. We don't teach Spanish in a stuffy formal classroom, you come to our home or we come to where you're staying and give you one-on-one Spanish lessons. It's like having your very own Spanish tutor, completely immersed in the Spanish language.

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Our Spanish Class Teachers

Expert Spanish class teachers and loving Maya families are here to give you a complete Guatemala Spanish immersion experience
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Spanish Class Teacher
More than 15 years experience at the oldest Spanish school in Peten Guatemala. Lovely woman and a favorite with Spanish school students from all over the world.
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Spanish Class Teacher
Yamileth is an experienced and charming Spanish class teacher. Younger sister of our most experienced Spanish class teacher, Julia. Yamileth was mentored by the best and most experienced Spanish class teacher in Peten Guatemala.

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