Help Maya with Eco Spanish

With support from donors and volunteers from all over the world, our registered Guatemala women’s nonprofit has brought to Petén Guatemala: thousands of hours of English classes for kids, planted hundreds of organic gardens and thousands of trees, built and gifted sustainable homes and clean/efficient wood stoves to deserving Maya families of Petén Guatemala.

Eco Spanish is based in Petén Guatemala, birthplace of Maya civilization. Core samples from Lake Petén have verified it’s shores’ habition since at least the last Ice Age, more than 10,000 years ago. The Maya of Petén held the Conquistadores at bay for 170+ years, last of the Maya to fall – some of the brutal persecutions were inflicted on the local Maya of Petén. The Maya of Petén deserve our respect and support. Eco Spanish is one of our digital initiatives bringing sustainable, low impact ecotourism to support our work in the Maya villages around Lake Petén.

With your participation in Eco Spanish, you’ll help us grow our sustainable social development initiatives in the 6 Maya villages of el Remate, Jobompiche, San Andrés, San José, San Miguel, San Pedro and more. These Maya villages need our help — nonprofit, sustainable, social aid for the Maya people and ancient Maya villages all around Lake Petén.

Thanks for your support of socially-conscious, sustainable adventures and Spanish immersion in Petén Guatemala – helping the Maya villages of Eco Spanish.

Eco Spanish Maya villages - Lake Peten Itza - Petén Guatemala - map

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